Liberty Art Works - Custom Awards
"Custom Engraved Bronze Firefighter Awards"

"Firefighter Awards"
redballs.gif Bronze Bust - "America's Bravest"
redballs.gif Firefighter Statue - "Justifiably Proud"
redballs.gif Bronze Bells
redballs.gif Leather Shield Award
redballs.gif Bronze Plaque Awards
redballs.gif Bronze Engraved Axes
redballs.gif Bronze & Chrome Parade Axes
redballs.gif Bronze Statue - "Gear of Courage" New
redballs.gif Eagle Helmet Ornaments
redballs.gif Pike Poles & Pike Pole Awards New
redballs.gif Firefighter Bust Memorial
Custom Bronze Engraved Awards for the Fire Service
Made by a firefighter
for the Fire Service
The Finest Craftsmanship
Unsurpassed Design Quality
Lasting Monumental Beauty

Distributed by:
    BOLES Fire Services
    Toll Free: 888-893-1809
    Fax: 302-328-4651
Awards for the Best and the Bravest

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