"Heat Stress Management"
for firefighters, construction workers, road crews
and anyone who faces heat on the job or at play

Firefighters chill off in a hurry when they encounter the fan propelled, ice-cool mist from COOL DRAFT It's Safe, Fast and Effective for lowering body core temperatrues.

Introducing - Cool Draft

Just Add Water It's that easy !
The benefits that COOL DRAFT provides your firefighters will make a believer out of you--and your front line team.
The fine misting action gently cools the body,
and it's much more comfortable (and safer) than a hosestream to the neck or a dip in the drafting tank
Price $ 620.00

12 Volt Model is also Available - Price $ 650.00

Special Pre-Season Sale
Order one unit for $ 575.00, Order two units for $ 560.00 ea
12 Volt Model
Order one unit for $ 605.00, Order two units for $ 590.00 ea

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