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"Boles Fire Services is Dedicated to Finding & Providing Products & Services
which Promote Better Health & Safety for Today's Firefighters"

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"Cool Draft"New - Heat Stress Management, lowers body core temperature
"The American Heritage"New - New N.F.P.A. Approved Leather Helmet
3D Medical GlovesNew - 10 mil Powderfree High Risk Latex Exam Gloves
redballs.gif National Safety Clean - Professional Turnout Gear Cleaning & Repair
redballs.gif Station Care 1500 - Turnout Gear Cleaning & Maintenance Products
redballs.gif The Under Glove - Additional Thermal Protection for the Hands
redballs.gif Air Purification Systems - NO Filters - Improves Indoor Air Quality
redballs.gif Rain Lite - Reflective Rain Wear

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Hager's Tips

Hager's Tips

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