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The Home Identifying Strobe Light

Life Locator home identifying strobe light rescue scene.
Help Save Lives While Raising Important Funds
or Your Department, Organization or Community!

Responding to a call in the shortest possible time is a variable that Emergency Service Organizations work hard to improve.  The Life Locator - Home Identifying Strobe Light, will allow responding emergency units to readily access a street address. 

The Life Locator is a high intensity strobe light that can be attached in seconds to a window or front door.  It illuminates street addresses and can be detected by emergency response teams for up to 2.3 miles. 

Utilizing our Life Locator Fund Raising Program,   your organization can help EMS, Fire, and Police improve service delivery while generating funds for your department, organization or community.

Each Life Locator sold to your organization for $14.95 can be resold for $19.95 providing $5.00 towards your fundraising efforts. 

"A Win-Win situation! for everyone"
(Program requires 100 unit minimum order)

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