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Leather Firefighting Helmets

The American Heritage Leather Helmet
Introducing the "American Heritage" New
Leather Firefighting Helmet
N.F.P.A. Approved

The "American Heritage" is a totally redesigned traditional style helmet that improves on a classic,
with your safety as our first concern. The result is a fair priced, major piece of firefighter's gear

Our standard available helmet colors include:
Black, Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Orange

Note !! - Helmet Shield is NOT included with helmet price

Quantity Discounts Available - Call us Toll Free at 888-893-1809 for a Quote !!

Detailed helmet Views

Our custom-crafted quality leather helmet features include:
/pcshields/redballs.gif - 5 year shell warranty /pcshields/redballs.gif - Leather dyed througout
/pcshields/redballs.gif - New lighter weight than others (approx. 61oz) /pcshields/redballs.gif - Leather cushion liner
/pcshields/redballs.gif - Rides lower on head /pcshields/redballs.gif - Chin strap w/ postman slide, quick adjustment & release buckle
/pcshields/redballs.gif - Allows for higher external temperatures /pcshields/redballs.gif - Embossed Eagle Front Holder
/pcshields/redballs.gif - Highly water resistant /pcshields/redballs.gif - N.F.P.A. Approved
/pcshields/redballs.gif - Black Nomex EarFlap /pcshields/redballs.gif - Padded Ratchet
/pcshields/redballs.gif - Glo-Flex Reflective Tetrahedrons

6" Helmet Shield Info

Quantity Discounts Available - Call us Toll Free at 888-893-1809 for a Quote !!
Ordering Options Available - Prices Effective 6/29/01 List
Helmet w / 4" Drop Face Shield $424.00 $395.00
Helmet w / A-Tac Goggles $424.00 $395.00
Helmet w / Kruob Flip-down eye shields $424.00 $395.00
Helmet w / A-Tac Goggles & Kruob Flip-down eye shields $459.00 $430.00
Custom 6" American Herritage Shield ordered with any helmet order (not included in helmet price) $ 34.50 $ 32.50

Add $18.00 for each helmet ordered for S & H

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