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What's New at BOLES Fire Services !!
The following are some of the new features you will find on our site
  • 06/14/00 - Cool Draft - Heat Stress Management
      Firefighters chill off in a hurry when they encounter the
      fan propelled, ice-cool mist from COOL DRAFT
      It's Safe, Fast and Effective for lowering body core temperatrues.

  • 03/01/00 - Reduced Prices on SC1500
      New reduced prices on Station Care 1500 Turnout Gear Cleaning Products
      Now also available in 5 Gal pails

  • 08/01/99 - The Fire & EMS Apparatus Mall
      Check out the New and Used Fire Trucks, Apparatus and EMS Vehicles, Ambulances
      Listed by our Vendors at the Fire & EMS Apparatus Mall

  • 03/30/99 - The "American Heritage" Leather Firefighting Helmet
      New Leather Helmet by Paul Conway Shields
      Lightweight, NFPA Approved

  • 02/09/99 - The Firefighter's Bargain Barn
      Great Deals on Clothing & Equipment !!
      Mfg and Distributor Specials, Close-outs and Demo Items for Sale

  • 02/03/99 - Life Locator - Home Identifying Strobe LightNew
      Great Fund Raising Idea - A "Win-Win" for everyone !!
      Raise money while benefiting your community bt Cutting Your Response Time

  • 01/10/99 - The Fire & EMS Want AdsNew
      Can't Find what you are looking for in our EquipMatch Database ?
      Post your request on The Fire & EMS Want Ads - this is a FREE Service provided by BOLES Fire Services

      The Fire & EMS Want Ads

  • 01/09/99 - Paul Conway Shields.New
      Hand Crafted Leather Helmet Shields
      Firefighter Mailboxes and Mini Helmet Banks

  • 01/07/99 - Reduced 1999 Advertising RatesNew
      Reduced 50% from 1998 Rates

  • 11/16/98 - Contact Us Online !!New
      AOL & Netscape Users can contact us thru IM (Instant Messanger) using BolesFS
      If you have ICQ you can message me thru ICQ. My ICQ#:22966895
      My current status is:

  • 9/24/98 - Fast Basket, Inc.New
      Time & Money Saving Hose Storage Solutions
      "Keep Hoses from being Ruined, Tangled and Twisted"
    BOLES Fire Services Welcomes our Newest Featured Product Advertiser !!

  • 9/02/98 - Liberty Art WorksNew
      Custom Engraved Bronze Firefighter Axes & Awards
      "Awards for the Best and the Bravest"
    BOLES Fire Services Welcomes our Newest Fire Web Site !!

  • 8/28/98 - Pangborn AssociatesNew
      Fire & Safety Training Consultants
      Customized Professional Department Training Programs to Meet Your Needs
    BOLES Fire Services Welcomes another New Fire Web Site !!

  • 7/21/98 - 3D Medical Gloves
      10mil Powderfree Latex Exam Gloves, 100% Powderfree
      Meet NFPA 1999 standards
      Great for EMS, Paramedic, Police and Fire Dept. Applications

  • 6/23/98 - Join our New mailing List !!
    - Receive Information about New Products, Services and Health & Safety Issues
    Enter your email address below, then click the 'Join List' button:
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  • 6/17/98 - Added New Business Opportunity - Make $$ for Banners
      Click Here to become a ValueClick Member Site
      Click Here to Learn How to Make Money !!

  • 5/27/98 - Added Page for Books about:
      Internet and Home Business Opportunities

  • 5/26/98 - Added Pages for Books about:
      Web Site Design
      Web Graphics Design

  • 5/20/98 - WebPosition FREE WebPosition Software Builds Traffic by tracking your search positions and helping you improve your rankings! Submitting alone is not enough! People must be able to find you easily on the search engines.

  • 5/20/98 - WebSite Generator - FREE SETUP, 1 FREE MONTH. Simply the easiest way to develop manage and promote your website" WebSite Generator - FREE SETUP, 1 FREE MONTH. Simply the easiest way to develop manage and promote your website

  • 5/12/98 - Next Card - The first true Internet Visa.
    Introductory rates are as low as 2.9%. Approval is given online and in seconds. Purchases made over the Internet are 100% guaranteed. NextCard cardholders can manage all aspects of their account online, including: download statements, transfer balances, pay bill, and take advantage of exclusive shopping benefits. Click here for the NextCard Internet Visa.

  • 5/9/98 - Hager's Music & Video Store -
    Music & Videos thru CDNow

  • 5/6/98 - New Direct Link to for All Types of Books

  • 5/5/98 - Neat Stuff !! - New Page Added - Fun Sites on the Internet
    Margaritaville, MapQuest, Message Mates, Casino Gambling

  • 5/4/98 - Under Glove - Thermal Hand Protection
    Introductory Offer - 20 % Off - NOW !! $ 10.35 / pair

  • 5/1/98 - Revised Pricing for Reconditioned SCBA
  • 5/1/98 - New Small Item Listing Price in EquipMatch Database
  • 4/27/98 - Rain Lite - Reflective Rainwear - Prices Reduced, List Price $39.95
    - Spring Special - 30 % Off
    NOW !! $ 27.95

  • NetMind - Web Page Update Email Notification
      Email notification when your favorite BolesFS pages change
      Available for your own use for other websites

  • Commercial Discount Listing Program
      Available to Dealers, Distributors, Brokers and Commercial Companies
      $15.00 per item listed (10) item minimum per year

  • Hager's Firefighting Book Store
      Books, Tapes, Manuals & Guides for Firefighters and about Firefighting
      We also have a Childrens Section

  • Used Apparatus & Equipment Database
      Individual Apparatus Category Pages for Quicker Loading
      New Listings now listed at top of page
      Older listings have been purged from database

  • Air Purification Systems - No Filters, Improves Indoor Air Quality
      Cleans and Purifies Air just as nature does during a thunderstorm

      Oxidizes harmful particulates and contaminants that exist in every fire house, home and office.

      Eliminates cigarette smoke and it's odors, mold, mildew, bacteria, chemical gases, pet odors,pollens, dust and dust mites, contaminants, animal dander, viruses, static electricity, carbon monoxide, diesel exhaust fumes, and much more

  • Pictures for New Listings in our Used Apparatus & Equip. Database

  • Featured New Products of the Month
      The Under Glove - Increased Thermal Protection for the Hands
      Rain Lite
      - Reflective Rain Wear

  • Advertising Opportunities
      7 New Apparatus & Truck Pages have been added

  • Web Site Design

  • Hager's Health, Safety & Financial Tips

  • Discount Long Distance Phone Services
      Discount Long Distance Rates
      Discount Calling Cards (Billed as Used)

  • Fund Raising
      Custom Calling Cards

  • Apparatus & Equipment Leasing

  • Coming Soon in 1998
      Business Opportunities
      More New Cost Saving Products

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